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Haunted by what you find in you

Tantra AwarenessPosted by Martin 03 May, 2019 07:02

We as humans are haunted by what we find in us.

It is unheard of that an animal will wonder about its own instinct and existence.

Most people suffer from a clear lack of being able to express their procreation instinct clearly.

People are always on the search for ways to better themselves.

We can be haunted or enchanted by what we find in us.

This is especially true when it comes to making sense of the quest to understand partnering and sexuality.

To be enchanted by the life force in us requires an awakening and then a commitment to express that awakening in ourselves in the best way possible.

To be enchanted by all in us is the easy part of the process as it only requires a single moment.

To express your life truthfully and authentically is the gift/burden we have received.

Life offers us some guidelines on how to express ourselves clearly.

Some guidelines surface from deep inside and others we are forced to make up.

When the mindsets we have made up correspond with what surfaces from natural instinct in us, then we are spiritual.

We at Meyotra International School of Tantra will hand you opportunities to discover your own guidelines, to make your own experiences, to learn new skills and to apply them in your own unique way.

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VlogsPosted by Martin 01 May, 2019 14:22

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Tantra AwarenessPosted by Martin 29 Apr, 2019 12:27

The people who you bond with, they need to read the fibre of your soul. They can only observe that when you live your own unique craziness. It's not about what you do but the "HAVE TO" part of the do. We have to keep doing from within. That allows people to read the way we have chosen to express our own unique way of being ALIVE. We have to share whatever "HAVE TO" is in us. People need to read all our pages, not only the nice ones that they prefer or choose to read. What is it you "HAVE TO" do today?

Not all about "HAVE TO" is perceived as amazing by ourselves and others. It is mostly perceived as too much, almost as if we have no say in it, as if we are a victim of what is in us. Most people give up on doing "HAVE TO" things as they want immediate mind based rewards and not long term natural instinctual benefits. The "HAVE TO" in us isn't interested in how we feel that moment when we do it, it works in it's own pace and manner as it has an overview of your whole life. The creator of the "HAVE TO" in you works the grand plan and you have received ample gifts, training and skills to do it. To co-create with her, the creator, the procreation instinct in us, that makes the magic in our lives. To choose someone to be the parent of your child takes commitment to instinctual procreation and you doing that essentially constitutes the concept of fulfilment.

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Instinctual Aspects

Tantra AwarenessPosted by Martin 26 Apr, 2019 12:03

People have a big issue with the instinctual driving force inside them. It needs to and will come out. There are three aspects related to natural instinct that need to surface. Procreation is the first. Something which most people close the door on at age thirteen and then the rest of their lives. The next instinctual aspect is the taking care. After that the them/us. Most people also close the door on them us as they don't belong anywhere. People put all, too much, an excessive amount of energy into taking care. It becomes an obsession and even an addiction. Some even become smart and call it a lifestyle. Unfortunately, too many people do just that. You even get admired for doing a lifestyle of earning money. The inside being doesn't agree. It wants to balance the three aspects. What do you do to balance your natural instinctual life?

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When someone doesn't believe in you

Tantra AwarenessPosted by Martin 15 Apr, 2019 13:16

When someone doesn't believe in you, that very moment things start to change in your life.

It can either be a catalyst to scramble your mind and let you find new neurological pathways or you can use it to build a thicker wall around old mindsets.

Either way, the one who didn't believe in you handed you a huge gift. You received an opportunity to observe how you deal with unexpected and unasked for comments and opinions.

Choosing the scrambled mind over the solidifying of mindsets isn't necessarily better or worse. It all depends on where you take action from.

We have a mind based logic and also a non-mind based logic, often called natural instinct.

Once again, just choosing one of them doesn't benefit us at all.

Through awareness techniques, we learn that we are more than both of those perceived realities.

We are the one who is greater than all we observe.

Just knowing about greatness doesn't mean much till you employ your mind and natural instinct to be the expression of your being, only then you start realising who you really are.

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The strongest drug on Earth

Tantra AwarenessPosted by Martin 11 Apr, 2019 12:27

People need people.

We associate with one another in clearly structured ways and then we also create "in groups" and "out groups" instinctively.

It was reported that many prisoners died in solitary confinement just because of a lack of contact with others.

Our need to have a clearly established "in group" is so strong that we behave instinctively without even thinking about it.

People look for partners, for friends, for teammates and for significant others in spicing up their sexual lives.

It is impossible to tell people what to do. There are so many laws and religious instructions trying to guide people's behaviour but people keep doing what they have to do.

The need to be with people is one of the primary driving forces in life, something that is laced with supricing nuances and amazing consequences.

Just observe better what really happens in you when you walk down the street next time.

Just spare a moment of "street walking" meditation to reflect that there is much more in you reaching out to others than what you have ever realised.

Become a co-creator of your life with applied awareness on how you interact with others.

Be warned, you might discover much more than what you have bargained for.

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VlogsPosted by Martin 04 Apr, 2019 13:06

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VlogsPosted by Martin 04 Apr, 2019 12:51

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